We offer you the complete range of services using only qualified tradsemen together with myself we can cary out all the work from design trough to completion

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At “better living homes” we like to work as a family, bringing together my skills and experience along with the services of my team of professional tradesman, in order to work collectively to achieve the look and feel that you desire.

Outside Entertainment Areas


builder renovations additions gold  coast northern nsw

Drafting + 3D imagery

builder renovations additions gold  coast northern nsw

New homes

Renovations and additions

Our draftspeople along with myself will help you through the process step by step. We will take into account such things as your budget, block slope, site aspect and views. If there are plans that could come into play at a later stage, e.g., pool location, we can factor this into the design. Australia can be a harsh environment, which is why we believe a good design can counteract a lot of the least desirable attributes that all good designers face.

The challenges are different from those of a new home, as there are the obvious constraints of the existing structure. This is where my experience over the years really counts, as the design should marry perfectly with the existing. Sometimes you are bringing together different materials and at that point the dovetailing is crucial.

At “better living homes” we believe that Australia generally loves outdoor spaces. And why not, given our climate and culture. Whether it’s a private space, or one fit for a party, for all your friends and family, we’ll help you get the design and size just right. Styles vary a lot from the ultra modern to Balinese and traditional. Materials can include Insulated sandwich board roofing, spaning up to 9.0 metres. 

Decking from the 90mm & 140mm width boards, screwed down. We also have a selection of coloured composite or hardwood decking, both with secret fixings. Polished concrete or feature tile floors. Feature stone wall cladding. Aluminium screening and gates.

The kitchen is the hub of the house hold. We are passionate about the importance of going over every detail, whether it’s material selection, appliance placement, bench space allocation and placement. All have to be brought together elegantly so as to be able to maximize the workability and beauty of the kitchen. 

builder renovations additions gold  coast northern nsw

New kitchens

We have a team of experienced tradesman and suppliers that will help you select the tiles required, whether for a new home, renovation or re-tiling your BBQ area, taking into account colour scheme, budget, desired look, maintenance and longevity.

Tiling and concrete polishing

Concreting can be a slab for a home or it can be a polished and sealed feature floor for inside or out. Coloured concrete, different stones, or even coloured glass can be added to create that wow factor that you’re looking for.  At the same time, with a sealer this creates an area that is easily maintained.


Bathrooms are an area where we try incorporate some luxury with the more the practical aspects. This space can be purely practical or a space where you can spoil yourself and unwind, a space where you can close off the pressures of the outside world, soaking in a spa, looking out over your own private courtyard. There are a myriad of styles to choose from. We'll help you get the most out of this space.


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